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Carpet Cleaning Services That Make a Difference

Are you looking for the best way to keep your carpet clean and well-maintained? As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the area, Dearborn Carpet Cleaning Pros works with the best technicians and industry-standard technology for your residential and commercial carpeting. 

Your carpet collects daily dirt, including allergens, dust, and stains. Not all are visible, but this doesn't mean they aren't damaging your carpet fabric. Furthermore, it will affect the carpet's appearance and make your house or office stuffy. Prevent this with our professional carpet cleaning Dearborn MI, today.

Basic Carpet Cleaning

Dearborn Carpet Cleaning Pros is known as the best carpet cleaner company in the Dearborn area, as we provide basic carpet cleaning for your home and office. Our residential carpet cleaning solutions are provided by assessing your carpeting to decide the best equipment and products. 

We also provide commercial carpet cleaning Dearborn MI, allowing you to make a great impression on your customers. Our commercial solutions include cleaning office chairs, partitions, panels, and apartments. We work with hotels for regular carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Carpet Disinfecting and Treatment

Work with our professional carpet cleaning services to disinfect and treat your carpet when needed. A clean carpet should be thoroughly disinfected because of the dirt, bacteria, and dust that get into it. We use chemical-free products to disinfect your carpet, making it safe for your family and pets.

You can contact Dearborn Carpet Cleaning Pros for carpet treatment too. This includes carpet repair, so if you have patches or weirdly colored spots on your carpet, we can restore it and make it look as good as new. Contact us to stretch your carpet or replace the pads.

Water Extraction and Dry Out

In case of a flooding accident, first, contact our carpet cleaning Dearborn MI company. We will be there soon to protect your carpet from further damage. Our Dearborn team provides carpet water extraction and dry-out services. 

After thoroughly extracting the water, we use carpet drying tools like air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the carpet. You will also need carpet disinfecting and sanitation after a flooding accident due to mold and bacteria from trapped water. Finally, we can restore your carpet if the flood damages it.

Odor and Pet Stain Removal

When there is a stubborn odor or stain on your carpet, you should know that this goes beyond using a Bissell Carpet Cleaner or Hoover Carpet Cleaner. When lingering odors attach to your carpet, we use state-of-the-art equipment to sanitize and deodorize your carpet. 

If you have pets, you know how frustrating it can be when they pee into the carpet. This is why you need our stain removal methods from Dearborn Carpet Cleaning Pros. We use non-toxic treatments that are human and pet friendly, so your carpet will be as good as new.

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When you need any kind of carpet cleaning Dearborn MI, you should contact us! We provide swift, professional, and efficient home and office carpet cleaning and maintenance services. Send us a message or request a quote today!